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As a travel professional, travel isn't just something you do - it's a part of who you are. Like the great explorers of the world, you live to travel. Now it's easier than ever to discover exotic destinations and experience in your lifetime the different cultures with Local Professional Organizers

Travel to discover the diversity of the Kingdom of rich culture & civilization that brought along in Khmer history till nowadays, "Cambodia - the Kingdom of Wonder", with Angkor Wat - the World Cultural Heritage. Angkor Destination and its team of travel experts are always at your hands for any enquiry, tour plans for long stay in the country and ready made or customized tour itinerary includes luxury hotels & Resorts rang from Cambodia's north to South for your relaxation at the beautiful coastal & beaches before fly back home.
Travel with Angkor Destination, You will be CareFree !

"Angkor Destination
is an Inbound Tour Operator and Your Travel Partner in Cambodia, established by a team of professional who has been involved and working in Tourism for over 19 years in travel management, well experienced in tour operations for European and American Market". At Angkor Destination, we apply our accredited experience and expertise to deliver reliable travel in every single destination to fit your requirements, bringing you the most rewarding, and memorable experiences of the Authentic Khmer
in their Splendor-Culture!

The entire staffs and management of Angkor Destination are all experienced and use Know-how skill in tourism industry, and all of us are passionate about the activities that the company promotes and offers.

Since the start of the operations, our customers have enjoyed a friendly atmosphere communication of which clients' confidence & trust have constantly built and we so far have enjoyed the potential outcomes
we have made and shared with the travelers, through the Khmer's friendly hospitality, "Personal Touch Customer Services", that creates lots of travel harmony and deliver trip-sense to the clients during their holiday vacation here like a family.
With the strong support from our customers, we are proud of obtaining a great challenge in the market and has so far enjoyed its name and recognized as a Top Quality Tour Operator in the Kingdom that provides excellent & sustainable travel services at an equal Value, Responsible & Fast Approached Company that helped many customers
making their travel plans at no cost and customize as their needs and guarantee for best satisfaction !!!


"To be One of the Best Tour Operator, committed & responsible on providing our customers the authentic experience with comfortable, friendly and Quality Travel Services at an Affordable Prices".

Our mission and goal:
"Commitment to provide quality travel services and sharing local authentic experience to our clients".

Our Focuses in 2017:

01. Focus on organizational and Efficiency
Q: How can we better serve our customers' needs?
We do think of ways to give our customers better value for their money. How can we provide the product or service to them better, faster, and cheaper?

Understand our works and get them done:
Q: Do we know the steps in our work process? All these steps are very important and necessary as these will reflect and help us discover the efficiencies & inefficiencies.

Organize work/production areas:
Q: Do our work area promote efficiency? Are the products up-to-date and operational? Is there any improvement needed and/or any supported item/team?

02. Continue develop/improve team's mindset:
It's a technology era, travel has become easier, wider and convenience, and we do understand the ongoing change of lifestyle of which the TRAVEL Sector is very much challenging. It's about the quality of making sure on our own character, professionalism and our product service is at its Standard and be Available, Operational, Competitive, Timely and Friendly.

We will eliminate all these things and leverage all service stages in order to provide better and greater travel service to our customers, and trust they will get the real life travel experience with us. Our flexible team works on their profession and skill, behave very Friendly and understands your Convenience.

Our Values:
Our team at Angkor Destination is knowledgeable of the local Tradition, Culture, with friendly communicator, we are having good hands with all our suppliers, partners within our network throughout the regions which help us conveniently access for timely and effective response to our customers’ needs and let them feel at home.

To stand best at customers' hands, Angkor Destination and its dynamic team is passionated to providing a high quality travel services and making a bit better tour itinerary and offer you an Authentic Destinations Experience.
In response to its customer's needs, Angkor Destination has expanded its services broader in the countries, Vietnam, Lao, Myanmar and Thailand. Your travel has now became easier, through Angkor Destination's Networks in the regions.

"The clients' satisfaction & pleasantness is our jobs!"


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Joe SMITH( United States )

Attention to: Angkor Destination Travel We arrived back home last week, and here we just got to write you this short feedback to express our thank to you for arranging an excellent program for our family. The three days trip in Siem Reap was extremely wonderful. We were very lucky having Sethy as our guide, thanks to him for sharing loads experience and information that we have never expected for before the trip. Last but not least, we also would love to say thanks to Angkor Destination Travel team for all of the wonderful arrangements, and your professionalism provided us a truly first-hand travel experience that we have never ever had before. Keep on your good work!!! Learning from our experience, we take no hesitation to recommend to any one who plans for the travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia - please contact Angkor Destination Travel. Regards, Joe SMITH


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