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Company Profile


Angkor Destination, a local Inbound Tour Operators, “Your Travel Partner in Cambodia”, is fully owned by a local Cambodian who has come across on along challenging journey in travel business, Sareth DUCH, who was born into a farming family in the small village of Takeo Province.

Sareth’s early life was shaped by the simplicity of rural Cambodia. However, an innate curiosity and a love for connecting with people propelled him to seek a broader horizon. Sareth has earning his degrees in General Business Management and Master’s degree in Public Administration, began his career in the tourism industry since 1997, a tumultuous time in Cambodia’s history marked by political conflict. His passion for sharing Cambodia’s rich heritage and his knack for communication led him to join a local company, took care the European travellers, and at the same time he was trained as an English-speaking guide.

However, his dedication and natural affinity for hospitality soon caught the attention of a Swiss-owned company expanding its operations in Cambodia. Embracing this new opportunity, Sareth spent 16 transformative years with the Swiss firm where he honed his skills. He learned to blend the rich narratives of Cambodia’s history with the impeccable quality expected by international travellers, particularly those from Europe and Asia. Over the years, he became adept at delivering top-notch services, combining Cambodian cultural richness with Swiss precision. This unique fusion created memorable experiences for tourists, showcasing Cambodia’s beauty and history through the lens of unparalleled quality and service.

The Beginning of Angkor Destination Travel

At first, Sareth didn’t set out to be a business owner or manager. His initial goal was simply to find a stable job that would support his family and secure a future for the next generation. However, as he interacted with people from around the globe, his perspective began to shift. He realized that Cambodia lacked the resources and expertise to offer authentic experiences to international visitors, particularly from European countries who travelled thousands of miles to explore the country. This realization sparked a desire in him to bridge that gap and provide genuine experiences that would showcase the true essence of Cambodia to the world. Beyond merely enhancing the visitor experience, Sareth saw an opportunity to inspire future generations while fostering a sustainable ecosystem within the community that would offer more jobs and support local families.

In 2013, fuelled by this newfound vision, Sareth took a bold leap and established his own company, Angkor Destination Travel, a pioneering inbound tour operators in Cambodia. Though launching a business posed numerous challenges, from financial management to team coordination, it also presented opportunities for local youth, fostering prosperity and growth. Beyond mere business success, Angkor Destination is dedicated to creating enduring impacts through community support and charitable initiatives. The company is deeply committed to assisting young rural Cambodians in realizing their dreams of higher education. Through sponsorship programs, these students are empowered to continue their studies, garnering widespread community support and acclaim over the years “We don’t care how much we have, but how much we can share,” the words he has inspired.

For the long standing in the industry, Sareth DUCH, the Founder and Managing Director of the company and his entire team are all very passionate about the activities that the company has promoted and offered, and they do consider about the little things that make big differences and an impact for their clients. They differentiate themselves by providing added extras for a comfortable experience with equal standard treatment. Be a small tour company in which focusing on customer service not how much a booking is worth. It’s better to build great relationships with clients and make their whole travel experience as great as it can be.

To deliver a prompt service at the clients’ step, Angkor Destination is continually expanding and operates in a more wider locations with the main operational office in Siem Reap – the main gateway to tourist attractions “Angkor World Heritage Site“, and the supportive operational office in Phnom Penh, and the on-planning  office in Sihanouk Ville “at the Coastal South of Cambodia”, in order to ensure on the operations and provide personal touch customer service and experience during the trip.

Your travel safety is our utmost attention! “Protecting your health, our local team and public safety are our commitments”. To ensure you a positive travel experience and a safe working environment for our local teams, we have set a specific and stringent precaution, and strictly practicing on travel protocols. For the accommodation – “We selected the most trusted hotel partners to working with”, for your comfort and pleasant stay, and assure on your safety and travel carefree. Whatever you have in mind, we will do our best to offer a unique experience.

As a leading local tour operators, our vision is, “to continue empowering travelers to have transformative experiences in Cambodia and contributing to the preservation of our cultural heritage. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change in the tourism industry, inspiring others to embrace sustainable and culturally respectful travel practices.”


Our mission is to offer immersive and sustainable travel experiences that showcase the wonders of Cambodia, respecting and preserving our cultural heritage.
We strive to create meaningful connections between travelers and local communities, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

We specialize in crafting personalized itineraries that offer authentic insights into Cambodia’s history, traditions, and natural beauty. Our range of services includes guided tours to iconic landmarks such as Angkor Wat, off-the-beaten-path excursions to lesser-known sites, cultural immersions with local artisans, and responsible wildlife encounters.

Angkor Destination Travel is committed to sustainable tourism practices. We actively support local businesses and communities, minimize environmental impact through eco-friendly initiatives, and educate travelers on the importance of responsible travel. Promoting off-the-beaten-path experiences, we aim to reduce over-tourism in popular destinations and share the benefits of tourism more equitably and directly to the communities in Cambodia.

Responsible Tourism:
Responsible tourism form the basis of our services. We are proud to say that we channel our profits to our own Angkor Dreams Community, where we support the most disadvantaged students in Cambodia in their studies. For more information about the activities of Angkor Dreams Community, please check out our Facebook page.

Business Values:
Our highly trained team at Angkor Destination consisting predominantly of Khmer locals has an extreme knowledge about local culture, custom and traditions. Our strong relationship with all of our suppliers and partners, we can immensely communicate and action fast to the needs of our customers.

Angkor Destination Travel has been recognized for its dedication to sustainable tourism and cultural preservation, receiving accolades from industry partners and satisfied travelers alike.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box: 93148 – Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia
M. Hotlines: +855 (0)95 800 801 | Ph.: +855 (0)63 767 868

E-mail: info@angkordestination.com | Website. www.angkordestination.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AngkorDestinationTravel

For inquiries and bookings, please contact us at info@angkordestination.com

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