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Our team

Our Team's Story

The journey begins by our founder who has over 2 decades experience in the industry and have successfully providing travelers/tourists on extraordinary Cambodia trip !

At Angkor Destination, we are not only taking people just on tour but travel the way for life experience and learning. There’s something about the feeling of visiting new destinations, culture, activities and environment – whether that’s in rural countryside, jungle-mountain trek, in the capital city and at the coastal area – that just can’t be beaten. We have been taking the couple, family, small and large group of clients from most European countries and American to Cambodia many years ago, and have since expanded to offer more tours, to go in depth across the Kingdom and we have made the itineraries to link other destinations in the nearby countries in cooperation with our trusted partner whom have been sharing the same spirit, concept and goal.

What we bring to our discussion...

Our highly trained team at Angkor Destination consisting predominantly of Khmer locals has an extreme knowledge about local culture, custom and traditions. Our strong relationship with all of our suppliers and partners help us immensely to communicate and action fast for the needs of our customers.

The core value and the belief in our team:

  • We do believe that Ability, Skill and Intelligence can be developed through efforts, we are what we work to become.
  • With a little more time, we can do it better for our clients.
  • Continue improvement and building team with a growth mindset.
  • Building team harmony and celebrate success !
  • Continue to raise social awareness and giving back to the communities.

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