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Our Land Transports


Toyota Highlander

This 4 seats car is used for the couple or a family of 2 persons, “Husband and Wife”. At Angkor Destination, this type of vehicle is for your private tours (trip), to the temples with either an escorted local guide and a driver.


Minivan-Toyota Hiace

The minivan is available for 8 seats or 12 seats. For the clients’ comfort on the trip, we do use this type of Van at the minimum of 3 pax per tour and at a maximum of 8 tourists.


Coaster Bus - Hyundai Brand

Luxury coaster consists 22 seats. It’s a Korean Hyundai Brand. It is widely used and most popular in Cambodia. Angkor Destination uses this type of coaster for a group of minimum 10-15 or sometimes 18 pax at the maximum load per group tours !


Luxury Bus - Hyundai Brand

Luxury bus 43 seats is a Korean made Hyundai brand and is most used in Cambodia. This type of bus is very popular and widely used for the long distance travel or on a tour to the temples for both local and international tourists. The bus could accommodate up to 45 pax – the maximum load for locals, and 18-35 pax – the average load of foreign tourists, however, it’s used sometimes up to 40 pax in a maximum per group !

Note: On the bus they got a WiFi of which you could have internet service connection during your trip.

Each time we have a group at the maximum size, we do always use an extra luggage coach for luggage separation.

Since the ancient times, transport has been present in people’s everyday activities, and as society evolved, their importance in the complex system of human civilization has steadily increased. In antiquity, transport played a decisive role in the development of society and the formation of global transports systems.

In the recent decade, the event tourism has emerged as an important sector of tourism strategies and leisure behavior domestically and globally. At Angkor Destination, we consider on the importance of transportations, it’s not only in the function they have in the company’s development on our everyday tour services, but also in the important role of our transportation systems. Through its role of movement for a short and long distance tours, it’s decisively influences our company brand and building confidence and trust in our transport services.

Having a quality transports we can provide a sustainable transportation system and helping our clients travel by confidence, safety and carefree! Therefore, Angkor Destination is committed to provide our clients a good quality vehicles for their travel safety, and experience the trip at their destinations during their tours and travel with us.

“Your travel safety, experience and pleasantness is our first priority!”

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