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Experience the Wonders of Cambodia with Us!

BE PROFESSIONAL, TRAVEL WITH THE PROFESSIONALS, "As a travel professional, travel isn't just something you do - it's a part of who you are. Like the great explorers of the world, you live to travel. Now it's easier than ever to discover exotic destinations and experience in your lifetime the different cultures with Local Professional Organizer".



Welcome to Angkor Destination Travel, where every journey is a heartfelt story waiting to be told !

As a leading inbound tour operator in Cambodia, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences for our cherished clients from Europe, America and within ASEAN Countries. Angkor Destination’s mission is to transcend the ordinary, embracing the rich tapestry of Cambodia’s culture, history and natural beauty while ensuring that every traveler feels seen and touched by value and experience.

We are more than just a tour operators – we are on a mission to create a more inclusive future for all. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that travel should be a joyous celebration of diversity, where every individual, regardless of background or ability, can explore the wonders of the world with confidence and ease.
Our dedicated team is passionate about creating tailored itineraries that cater to the unique needs and desires of each client, ensuring that everyone can partake in the magic of discovery.

Join us on a journey where compassion meets adventure, and where the spirit of Cambodia comes alive through the eyes of those who dare to dream. With Angkor Destination Travel, you’re not just a traveler; you’re part of a family that believes in the power of connection, understanding and the shared joy of exploration.

Welcome to a world where every path leads to a new beginning and every moment is a chance to create lasting memories.


Don’t miss out on the chance to “Experience the Wonders of Cambodia“. Book your trip today and prepare to be amazed!

Discover Cambodia with Angkor Destination

Embark on your extraordinary Cambodian adventure with Angkor Destination Travel. Contact us today to start.  Plan Your Own Trip !

As a leading local tour operators, our vision is, “to continue empowering travelers to have transformative experiences in Cambodia and contributing to the preservation of our cultural heritages. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change in the tourism industry, inspiring others to embrace sustainable and culturally respectful travel practices.”

Our mission is to offer immersive and sustainable travel experiences that showcase the wonders of Cambodia, respecting and preserving our cultural heritages.
We strive to create meaningful connections between travelers and local communities, fostering mutual respect and understanding, and share direct economy through jobs creation.

Let's Building a More Inclusive Future !

Angkor Destination Travel’s commitment to embrace the concept of “Inclusive Business,” where success is measured not just by financial gain but by the positive contributions made to the ecosystem and the economy as a whole.

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    Phnom Penh City Tour

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    We know everyone has different personal interests. Therefore, we highly value your personal input when working out your personalised itinerary.

    Discover the heart of Southeast Asia

    Cambodia located in the central location within Southeast Asian region, and the country is rich of cultural heritages. The unique blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty, Cambodia is a perfect gateway to the rest of Southeast Asia.
    We invite you to explore and experience the essence of Southeast Asia through our unique lens. Do not miss a must-visit destination and looking to a truly immerse yourself in the heart of Southeast Asia !

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    Journey into the Soul of Cambodia !

    Travel to experience that goes beyond just sight-seeing, you travel to connect with local people, to learn the tradition and way of life.
    Cambodia allowing you to truly understand and appreciate the Soul of Cambodia.

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    Story Behind Angkor Destination

    Angkor Destination Travel “Experience, Affordable, Luxury Travel Services” Our Success Story Being in the tourism industry for years. A journey that teaches each of the team how to maintain quality and standard to satisfy clients, in a unique way to ensure client’s satisfaction and put a smile on their faces. Angkor Destination does think about the little things that make big differences and an impact for its clients. We differentiate ourselves by providing added extras for a comfortable experience with
    Read more
    Angkor Destination Travel main focuses its “Pride” offering you safe, comfortable, reliable services while you visiting the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia. When you tour with us we guarantee you that you will have an amazing unforgettable time with us filled with beauty, relaxation, and fun! Our team is trained. When you travel with us, you’re not just a tourist, we consider you as our family. Angkor Destination Travel we take pride in helping to create lasting memories enjoying the warm
    Read more
    We are proud to say that today, Angkor Destination Travel has reached the distinguished position as one of the Ground Tour Operator and Travel Agency, where today we all can see the experience counts and the excellent feed backs by our esteem customers and partners.
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    Epic Journey ...

    Get inspired by Cambodia

    Cambodia is home to the world’s tallest religious structure, Angkor Wat. It was built in the 12th century and has been used as a temple ever since. It became national symbol of the country and is even represented on its flag.

    The heart of Cambodia is made up of the giant Tonlé Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia. It is not only an important resource for Cambodia’s population, but it also hosts some of the country’s most impressive attractions. These include various floating villages, as well as stunning bird sanctuaries, home to some rare waterbird species.

    The country’s vibrant capital Phnom Penh hosts some architectural highlights, such as the Psar Thmei (Central Market) and Royal Palace. The hilltop temple Wat Phnom is the best place to experience Cambodia’s Buddhist culture, while Cambodia’s dark past is shown in the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek.

    Besides these, there are many more amazing destinations all around Cambodia. Our team is always looking for new destinations and experiences, so we can give you original and authentic experiences. We truly listen to our customers wishes and needs to prepare custom-made itineraries together with the best partners around the country.

    Our services include:

    • Custom-made itineraries and personalised services
    • Short- and long-distance tours
    • Small & big group tours
    • Multi-country combination tours
    • Luxury travel experiences
    • Family travel experiences
    • Educational trips
    • International and domestic flights
    • Hotel & transport reservations
    • Meetings & Events
    • River-cruises on the Mekong

    Operational Destinations in Cambodia


    Trip experiences and learning by our clients

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    Our Team's Story

    Our founder has over 2 decades of experience in the travel industry. He has successfully provided travellers extraordinary experiences on their Cambodia trips.

    At Angkor Destination, we believe that travelling brings you life experiences and new insights. There is something special about visiting new destinations, whether it is a rural countryside town, a jungle-covered mountain, a big city or a coastal area. We have taken care of tourists from mostly European and American countries on their trips to Cambodia for many years. Now, we have expanded by offering destinations in neighbouring countries as well. Let us take you on an unforgettable trip around our region, together with our trusted partners.

    Our highly-trained team consists mostly of Khmer locals with a strong knowledge about the local culture, customs and traditions. We have a strong bond with our suppliers and partners, which enables us to process your inquiries in no time.

    Our principles consist of the following:

    • Providing high-quality travel services.
    • Paying high attention to your safety.
    • Taking care of everything you need.
    • Giving back to the communities of Cambodia.

    Certifications and Appreciations


    Meet Our Team


    ADT's Office Team Refreshment and Development 2022

    Trip Experiences & Learning from our clients ...

    Thank you for making our trip absolute safe and perfection! This trip was amazing because of Mr Sareth and his team. The trip went smoothly, thanks to your thorough planning and organization. We had an unforgettable experience, and we can’t thank you enough for your exceptional service. We look forward to using your services again in the future and will… Read more “Thank you team”

    Roshni Beeharry

    The sunrise trip to Angkor Wat took a lot of courage. I woke up at 4am to see if I could catch the sunrise, but the view of Angkor Wat was spectacular and my guide Sophia’s explanations were very helpful.


    I booked a three day tour. Everything was planned perfectly. They arrived always at time, they were always kind and took care of me. Mr Chhay, my tour guide has great knowledge and told soothing stories about Khmer culture. I learned a lot about this beautiful country and for that I will be always grateful. He is tireless, highly qualified… Read more “A drop of magic”

    Budur Gabriella

    Hello I worked with Angkor Destination last month and l can say many positive things about quality of service, very professional guide, nice and friendly driver, helpful staffs etc.
    It was my pleasure to work with You. I really Hope to see You again on next month. Greetings from Poland! P.

    Piotr Kunda
    Goo Goo
    Goo Goo
    Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt
    Great staff and a great tour at a price that was surprisingly low 10/10
    New Season Indian Restaurant
    New Season Indian Restaurant
    Best choice for travel in Cambodia, staff are friendly.
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