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Story Behind Angkor Destination

Angkor Destination Travel
“Experience, Affordable, Luxury Travel Services”

Our Success Story
Being in the tourism industry for years. A journey that teaches each of the team how to maintain quality and standard to satisfy clients, in a unique way to ensure client’s satisfaction and put a smile on their faces.

Angkor Destination does think about the little things that make big differences and an impact for its clients. We differentiate ourselves by providing added extras for a comfortable experience with equal standard treatment. A small tour company in which focusing on customer service not how much a booking is worth. It’s better to build great relationships with clients and make their whole travel experience as great as it can be.

Having good relationships with all of the hotel chains. The main entire team is always keeping in touch with partners for smooth cooperation. We make our team handle all services equally, personally and with care. With so much passion and love on providing quality and standard service in the tourism industry, we have people behind us who encourage and have trust in us, helped us through the ups and downs that we have faced as a business.

Angkor Destination team making sure that we provide the best we can and believe in what we can do more, we love what we do of which has helped to push us forward. The entire team has the dedication and time needed to be confident in decisions and have great knowledge.
As the higher management has supported and encouraged the developments. Angkor Destination Travel made a lot of community projects, social contributions on being a good role model for its industry. Help young generations to have dreams “Angkor Dreams Community” and be mindful of seeing their future, on what they want to become someday. Support and fund social causes around Cambodia.
Angkor Destination continues to soar high and extend its hand on supporting local communities onward, giving the young generation the hope of having a life filled with a positive mindset, and success. A smile on their faces and builds a brighter future.

Our journey is always filled with joys, pleasantness and hope. These are what has brought us forward to our continued successful mission, “Giving hope and a Smile to another is part of being Human

What’s next?
We are now in the moving forward stage and preparing for continued growth, we achieved enough trust and we look forward to more outstanding feedback from clients and partners. Our long term plan is to carry on expanding over the next few years. Continue to develop our team further and provide work opportunities for passionate people by working with us, helping to give our clients the best holidays possible.

Contributing to help support local communities, countryside families, less fortunate children, and environmental awareness to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. Increasing awareness towards the conservation of natural and cultural assets, both among locals and tourists. To prosper for the benefit of both, current and future generations. “Practicing Sustainability, Responsibility, and Ethics.”

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