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Welcomes to Sihanouk Ville !

The coastal town is famous for having some of the best beaches in Cambodia, making it the getaway destination of choice for the city dwellers of Phnom Penh. The beaches are many and the nightlife is vibrant. These elements combine to make Sihanouk Ville a popular place for people visiting the country. Through the development in this past years, the city has now a different look and feel than most Cambodian towns by its newest infrastructure system.

Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia’s premier beach town in the South with its pristine white sand beaches, provide a great tropical getaway. it’s just a perfect place for tourists to unwind by the beach, enjoy the freshness from the ocean seafood, take in a snorkeling or scuba trip, and generally slow-down, lay back and chill-out evening with friends !!

History Of Sihanouk Ville:
In the history, Sihanouk Ville has been relatively ignored. With no proper waterways, it wasn’t a decent place to trade and it wasn’t until the Cambodia Independence in 1954 that a port was even built here. It was once a sleepy little backpacker town. It was put on the traveler route in the late 90s, with beautiful sandy beaches and small-town vibes. It grew in popularity with a steady stream of travelers, and soon enough many tour companies started taking their guests there as well.

In 2019, the construction was at its peak, and quite a few of the buildings had been finished during the pandemic, later, and were now opened for businesses.

Nowadays, Sihanouk Ville is as much a beach town with a deep water autonomous port for tourists cruise ships from a cross the world to dock and tour, on beach catering for beach-going weekenders – locals and expats from Phnom Penh as well as a steadily increasing number of international tourists who continue looking for beach vacation and retreat “beach lovers”, for their refreshment and energize their paces of lives.

Besides the beaches at the mainland, you are invited and it is a must visit and experience few nights in Koh Rong. The Island is one of the many paradise islands you will find around the coast of Cambodia. This is certainly the most built-up island where you can find an assortment of restaurants, cafes, and types of accommodations. Whether you are wanting an all-inclusive 5-star resort or a cheap dorm room, you can easily find it here.

Travel is getting shorter & faster!
A newly built expressway on approximately 190 Km, offer you a pleasant drive and making your travel faster & shorter. The expressway has two lanes for traffic in each direction plus an emergency lane on each side and is paved with asphalt concrete. It can shorten the previous five-hour drive on National Road 4 to about two hours (2 hours) between Phnom Penh and the coastal city of Sihanouk Ville.

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