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Welcomes to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia !

Phnom Penh, once known as the “Pearl of Asia”, is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. It’s now a cultural, commercial, and political center that offers a unique blend of traditional charm and urban bustle.

Sitting at the confluence of three great waterways, Cambodia’s capital was once considered to be the most beautiful city in Asia. Today, it has more concrete apartment blocks, luxurious hotels, high-sky buildings than French-colonial ones, but the beauty is only skin-deep, so they say – and that’s certainly true here. Phnom Penh has plenty of charm left for those who take the time to look at…,

Ever since the Khmer Rouge were driven out of the city in 1979, the city has been fighting its way back to life with a defiant energy and no shortage of success. What the city lacks in aesthetic charms it more than makes up with its infectious optimism and irrepressible forward motion, as social enterprises provide new opportunities, start-ups thrive, and new bars and restaurants pop up seemingly daily. Contributing to these developments are burgeoning culinary and nightlife scenes that can rival any other in the region.

The alluring capital city also features a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions, along with myriad opportunities to sample local Cambodian culture. Here, classic colonial facades endure alongside sleek new eateries, golden-spired pagodas, and buzzing markets — all evidence of the dynamic energy of Phnom Penh city.

A sunset cruise down Tonle Sap river and on the mighty Mekong serves as a perfect spot for relaxing end to an activity-filled day. Catch the soft river breezes and watch as Cambodia’s capital begins to light up and shimmer for the evening. More than anything, it’s a place to make friends with the locals, who are endlessly open smile and engaging. Lets us inspire your journey !

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