Being actively involved and working within the tourism industry for over 19 years, Sareth has been engaged in several positions, either in the office or on the field. Starting his career as a basic hospitality service worker, he worked his way up to top management. During that time he learnt quite a lot of different things. As per his own words: “I am always pleased to learn something new each day”.

Seeing the endless opportunities as well as the constant growth within the tourism sector, Sareth is determined. Nothing will stop him on his new venture and he is moving forward, focusing on his favorite job, Angkor Destination Travel.

Sareth has three main goals he is focusing on and prioritizes:

– To become a sustainable ‘’Travel Service Company’’ providing the highest service possible at an affordable price as well as assisting customers and guests to obtain a workable itinerary involving a local and authentic experience.

– Assisting in the awareness towards tourism in Cambodia through promoting this amazing culture to the world.

– Helping the local community in supporting young, poor students who wish to continue their education while studying at a university and create jobs for locals within the tourism sector and benefiting the community.

Here at Angkor Destination, our accredited experience and expertise ensures that all guests enjoy a reliable travel experience for every single destination.

Give us your trust and we ensure you will have the most rewarding and memorable experience of what the Khmer culture has to offer.

“What I do have in mind at nowadays business branding, “to see the experience counts and hear from the customers who have already experienced the power of our quality service.”

Social Helps:
We are committed to help the underprivileged students who wish to continue their education at the university, School Supplies including the bicycle for younger students who are in need for their everyday travel to school. Furthermore, we do support on sanitation through plumbing project at the rural areas, and planning on Library building for primary & secondary schools as well as Health Care centre support for the Local Community by contributing and opening the door to link our clients, customers directly. Moreover, we built a Sustainable Tourism Networks to corporate in Community.