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Birds Watcher (1 day) incl. SilkFarm

Tour Overview:
After breakfast – leaving the hotel at around 07:30 and drive on the direction to Puok and to Mechrey Floating Village. Embark on the boat and cruise your way to Prek Taol.

The inundated forest of Prek Toal has been designated as a core area (21,000 ha) of the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve based on its botanical diversity and its nesting colonies of threatened waterbirds. The core area (zone 1 in the map) is in theory dedicated to biodiversity conservation but is actually intensely exploited as a commercial fishing concession. The fishing lot covers no less than 50,000 ha (red delineated area on the map) and is the most productive and lucrative of the lake with a value in fish estimated at half-million dollars per year.
Conservation and tourism activities are permitted by the leaser of the fishing concession but there is no coordination for the management of the site, resulting in unsustainable exploitation of the resources. Around the core area lie several fishing villages comprising 1200 families living in houses floating on a bamboo rafts or in houseboats, an adaptation to the ebb and flow of the lake. Over 150 types of fishing gear have been inventoried. Most impressive are large-scale fishing operations, taking place during the migration of the fish out of the flooded forest with the lake’s ebb. Kilometer-long bamboo fences are raised along the lake shore and channel the fish into huge traps. But villagers have no access to these rich fishing grounds, and conduct subsistence fishing in non-restricted areas.


Morning: Breakfast at the hotel
At around 07:30 meet your local guide and drive on the direction to Puok and to Mechrey floating village.
Embark on the boat and cruise to Prek Toal, the bird sanctuary and is home to many bird species like Black-headed Ibis, Painted Stork, Milky Stork, Spot-billed Pelican, Grey-Headed Fish Eagle and many more …
Lunch boxes will be provided on spot.
On the way back visit Angkor Silk Farm in Puok to see and learn about the process from the mulberry bushes cultivation to the production of silk fabrics and accessories. As the Silk Farm covers an area of 8 hectares, of which 5 are used for the mulberry trees plantation, you will enjoy the beautiful setting while learning about the fascinating process of silk-making.
During your visit, professional guide who works on site will give you more details on the mulberry trees, silkworm farming, cocoon unwinding, preparation of the silk threads, ikat technique (tie-dyeing of the threads) and silk weaving. We are sure that you will be impressed by the dexterity of the artisans with silk threads.
At the end of the visit, enjoy a large showroom where you can buy high-quality silk products that were made in the workshops you just visited.

* Angkor Silk Farm | Opening Hours:
   08:00 AM17:00 PM

Tour is available now for booking and reservation can be placed through email or hotline number at least 7 days prior to travel date.

* Remarks:
– The best time for the tour. November – February, and/or to March in some years refer to the change of global weather.
– We do maximize on the group size and the number of participants should not exceed 10 pax per tour.

Tour inclusive of:
– Professional English speaking guide for a whole day trip;
– Private car/van/bus for transfer and tour till drop off to hotel when tour is finished;
– Entrances fee on sites;
– Boat trip from Mechrey Floating Village to Prek Taol in return;
– The visit to Angkor Silk Farm in Puok;
– Lunch boxes, will be provided on spot;
– Ox-Cart ride in the Village at Mechrey;
– Personalized program in details;
– Pure drinking water and refreshing towels during the sight-seeing;
– Taxes.

* Bookings and Payments:
– All services are subject to availability.
– In the event of an activity being unavailable, then the best reasonable alternative will be offered.
– In the event of chosen hotel accommodation becoming unavailable after confirmation, the best reasonable alternative accommodation will be offered.
– Reservations will be made only on confirmation of tour services.
– In the event of cancellation by the guest less than 3 days, 50 percent cancelation’s fee will be applied;
– We reserve the right to impose any cancellation fees from any third parties.
– In the event of cancellation due to forces beyond the control of Angkor Destination Travel, all deposits- received will be returned.
– The settlement should be by international bank transfer in advance, or (exceptionally) cash or credit card (Visa or Master card only) in Siem Reap – banking fees may be charged.

* Booking Information:
To book your tour, we require the following to be confirmed:
– Submit us the email confirmation of a final itinerary a minimum of 1 week prior to arrival for FIT,
and/or 25 days prior for group tours.
– We accept all types of credit cards (Visa or Master card and Amex).
– Payment by cash up on arrival is the most preferable.
– Payment by credit cards are subjected to add 2.5% for Visa & master cards, and 4.5% for Amex.

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