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“Helping people is our long journey, and we know that we will not end it by tomorrow”

Angkor Destination is caring about our society and we have been very committed in social activities (CSR), permanantly supporting Angkor Image.

Angkor Image has been addressing Cambodia’s social issues by helping the young poor students and their families and using the funds and donations from our main donors and the permanence sponsorship, “Our oversea friends, Customers, Partners and those who raised from their good-hearted friends”. We do help the individuals, inspiring hope and empower potential the lives of the unfortunate poorest families and help raise their kids well in education.

Angkor Image using the funds and the donations on 3 main projects, Education, School Supplies (include bicycles), Plumbing and building the house.

As Angkor Image family, we are all focus on:
– Opportunity for Skills Advancement and continued Education
– Act to improve Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene to help the poorest families in the rural areas
– Build strong Character and Integrity
– Building the Culture of Sharing and Helping
– Developing Future Leaders

Together with you, all our volunteering team, our good-hearted friends and customers, Angkor Image can continue helping and supporting those who are in need in Education, School Supplies, Clean Water … and help breaking the poverty cycle and building smile for brighter future !

Together help, together share, we will see hope and smile everywhere …


For more information about what we are doing, please visit our page.

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Enjoy the “Cambodian Circus” show in Siem Reap / Angkor by energetic and talented young professional artists from Phare!


Originating from drawing workshops at a refugee camp on the Thai border, Phare Ponleu Selpak .


Set up to ensure that young Cambodians have access to a new world of tourism opportunities.

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